Guinea Pigs

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A Poem by Sylvia and De Anna Spencer

We're fed like royalty.

Tomatoes and lettuce,

Carrots and parsley.

We're pigs, guinea pigs.

Our cage is our castle.

The water bottle, our fountain.

Cardboard boxes for hideouts,

We chew out windows and doors.

Weep! Weep! Weeeeeeep!

Give us alfalfa!

Zuchini and fruit!

Pick us up, if you can...

We scoot!

We dash about, frantic and free

Like our wild cousin, the cavy.

We kick woodchips on the floor!

And get scolded even more.

Hee! Hee! Wee! Wee!

But take us outside

Where the breeze ruffles our fur

And we're bold as we forage

Like our wild cousins, the cavies.

Clover and vines,

Grass and some weeds.

Some of us are hard to please...

We're pigs, guinea pigs.

Thinking much of ourselves.

Kings and queens

of the rodents.

new.gif (3612 bytes) Here's a new pig poem by Mom (De Anna Spencer):

Piggy Crazy

Have you ever known a pig

to do a twisty-jig,

to pop-up, turn-a-kick

a woodchips-flying

kind of fit?


Have you ever heard it wheek

a kind of pippy-squeak,

a high pitch, got-an-itch

a whistle-aching



Never think a cavy

is fat and lumpy-lazy.

Grown or pup, size one up…

They’re rodents who’ve gone


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