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Meet Sinbad, the incredible guinea pig belonging to April Kelley.   April has taught Sinbad, among other things, to climb stairs and come when he is called!  April's two stories about Sinbad take place in her bedroom where Sinbad is allowed to run around.  April writes:

As usual, I was flopped out on my bed listening to my tape player with my headphones, and doing something, although I don't remember what.  Sinbad, my trusted little compadre, was hanging out with me and sitting there doing...nothing, as usual.   Just being his fat, contented little guinea pig self, I suppose.  I was really enjoying my music and I had forgotten all about his presence since I was playing the music so loud.  Perhaps Sinbad resented the lack of attention because the next thing I knew, the sound immediately got cut off.  Quite literally, as it came about.  At first, I figured the batteries must have worn out and was about to groan thinking of getting up to go replace them.  Then I noticed Sinbad staring at me with his beady little brown eyes, calmly grinding his tiny jaws with a very innocent appearance.  It was also then I happened to glance down and see that the little pig had chewed right through my headphones cord.  Pigs will be pigs, I guess.

A note from Hunny:  "Sinbad wasn't hurt chewing on the headphone cord, but pigs can be electrocuted and killed if they chew on regular electric cords!"  April contines:

Sinbad has always been allowed to play under my bed.  I set up series of boxes and tunnels under there to keep him occupied because I figure it must get boring in that little cage of his.  On one such occasion, when I was getting ready to put him up after a long afternoon's freedom, we got into a nasty situation.  I hauled him out from under the bed and noticed something very weird about the way he was behaving.   Sinbad was bobbing his head up and down and opening and shutting his mouth.   My first thought was that he had rabies or something, but of course, nothing like that happens to little pigs who never leave the house.  I pried open his mouth and had a really good laugh.  Well, not at the time.  At the time I was crying because I thought we'd have to saw his teeth off.  It got funny later.  Sinbad had gotten a very bright, orange, plastic pony bead stuck around his top insicors.   It looked like he had a big plastic carrot for teeth.  Luckily, a pony bead can come off with a large set of pliers, courtesy of a calm, wise father.

April also writes that carrots are Sinbad's favorite food and he makes a "OooOooOoo" sound when she gives him one.  After eating, he has little orange lips!

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