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We'd like to introduce to you a very handsome guinea pig, Beaver, owned by pig pal Francis of West Virginia, USA.  As you can see, Beaver has very long, luxurious hair.  While it may be very beautiful and silky, Beaver's hairdo is not the easiest to take care of for a pig owner.   Francis explains...

Beaver had his first grooming and haircut episode recently. It was NOT a good experience for anyone involved! Beaver has grown up to be a beautiful piggy with long, luxuriant fur...that knots. Guess what that means.....COMBING!!!  So, like all little kids who have their first haircut, he rebelled. First, I tried gently combing him. This led to Beav SHRIEKING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS. Then I tried snipping out some snarls with the scissors. He promptly spun around and grabbed ahold of my Tshirt with his long teeth, loudly expressing his displeasure. So ended the first grooming episode. They always win, don't they?   Beaver's godparent, Denis, always asks after his Godpig. Beaver has no doubt reported me to the SPCA and his godpigparent for cruel and unusual grooming.

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