Good Books About Guinea Pigs

Part of the fun of having guinea pigs is reading books about them, whether you are reading to learn more about your little friend to be able to take good care of him, or maybe just reading fictional stories for fun. We have read lots of books about guinea pigs. Here are some of my favorite ones for helpful information.   The first two we ordered from  They are our favorites!

The Guinea Pig, An Owner's Guide by Audrey Pavia

Guinea Pigs, How to Care for Them, Feed Them, and Understand Them by Katrin Behrend

Your Guinea Pig:  A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing by Wanda L. Curran

Guinea Pigs, A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Horst Bielfeld

Guinea Pigs, An Owner's Guide to Choosing, Raising, Breeding, and Showing by Harriett Rubins

Guinea Pigs, A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Guinea Pigs by Mark Evans

Guinea Pigs by Elvig Hansen

***  We just read a funny picture book about two adventuresome guinea pigs called John Willy and Freddy McGee by Holly Meade.   This book is great!  The pigtures are colorful and remind us of how our pig used to scurry across the floor in their younger years.  You've got to read this even though you may be too old for picture books!

A wonderful book about guinea pigs with great pictures that I got in a book order at school is:

I Love Guinea Pigs by Dick King-Smith

Some neat picture books for younger children starring guinea pigs are:

The Guinea Pig ABC, Guinea Pigs Far and Near, What Would a Guinea Pig Do? and Bedtime all by Kate Duke

****My favorite fiction chapter books starring a guinea pig are the Olga De Polga books by Michael Bond. Olga reminds me of Hunny! Please find Olga De Polga at your local library and read it. You won't be sorry! :^)