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Meet Buddy, the very loving guinea pig belonging to a good pig pal of ours, Jenni.  Jenni says Buddy is the sweetest pet she has ever had!  She explains...

I'm 18, and my whole life I have wanted a cat, but could never have one.   One day I came home with a guinea pig and a cage and everything and my dad accepted him right away!  I keep Buddy in the basement in a room where he can just run around all he wants, but his cage isn't open ALL the time.  When I tell him to come here, he will.  When I get in his face and say "gimmie a kiss" he'll put his nose right up to my mouth and kiss for at least 10 seconds!  It's so cute!  Buddy loves to squeal when someone is coming down the stairs, and he loves to eat food right out of my hands.  He's kind of shy to strangers around his house, but if I take him to a stranger, he's just fine.  He loves the grass outside.  I clean his cage outside so he can get his grass in happiness.

Buddy loves to eat paper from the printer, single sheets.  One day, we gave him a piece of paper to eat, the whole sheet, that is.  A couple of days later, I looked at the paper and guess what I found?  Buddy had chewed the paper into a heart!  I thought it was so cool that I am going to keep it forever!

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A note from Hunny:  You can see Buddy's "homemade" valentine in the pigture above!

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