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Meet Chestnut D. Bandicoot, the plucky little pig belonging to pig pal Fran.  Chestnut lives in a family with cats, dogs, a bird and a bunny.   Chestnut loves to curl up in Fran's lap along with a dog or cat or two.  Kukla is seated next to Chestnut in the pigture.  Fran tells us about Chestnut and his accomplishments:

We saved Chestnut from some children who were tormenting him in a Walmart pet section 4 1/2 years ago on Christmas eve.  When we got him home, we placed his cage near the fire in the fireplace; that's why we named him Chestnut (after the Christmas carol beginning with "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire".)  He knows his name and also answers to "Pig, pig, pig."  Like Hunny, Ches loves to eat.

We showed Ches once at a competition and he won a blue ribbon!  He ATE the blue ribbon on the way home!  Actually, the only reason he won a ribbon was that in his category, red American cavies, he was the only little red boar there.  He won by default, but we decided to take that ribbon where you can get it!

Ribbon or no, he is a precious little fellow.  My cats like to sleep on top of his cage.  When their paws dangle inside the cage, my plucky pig nips at their toes.  He's a brave little guy.

When Chessie was younger, he did what we called "hop in pop."   He'd hop straight up in the air and whirl around.  The joy of being a young pig, I guess.

A note from Hunny:  Fran wondered if we had ever heard that using cedar chips as bedding for us pigs causes liver damage and shortens our life spans!   She says to switch to pine shavings to keep us healthy.  Thanks Fran!

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A sad note from Hunny:  Fran wrote to us that dear little Chestnut D. Bandicoot  passed away.  He was not feeling well and his heart stopped while being examined by his veterinarian.  About her plucky little friend Fran writes:

I'm certain Chessie has crossed over the rainbow bridge and will be waiting for me, along with all my other pets, on the other side.

We're certain he will be there, Fran.  And if you look very closely, you'll see he's sporting a handsome pair of wings!

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