bwpig4.gif (5240 bytes)How to Draw Your Guinea Pig

There is no right or wrong way to draw your guinea pig. You just need to look for her basic shapes. Sometimes, I just start with a round circle, then I add two triangular or diamond shapes for ears, two round eyes, then the nose is a "V" or a "Y" shape. You can even start out with a thumbprint and add the rest!

Thumbprint piggies.

sams pigs.gif (8726 bytes)

Here are my brother's thumbprint pigs.  They are eating carrots!

hunny1.gif (22622 bytes)Here's a picture of Hunny I drew when I was 9 years old.


The nose is a V with a line, the ears are circles, and the eyes are lines.        teddyflip.gif (631 bytes)


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