Freddie is a pig who has had several jobs in his lifetime.  We hope you enjoy this story from Cory as much as we did!

I've had many guinea pigs but the one I remember best is my guinea pig Freddie. He lived with me when I was 6 but unfortunately when my family moved to a different town we had to give him away because we didn't have a lot of time to spend with him. Since we knew that he was such a great friend and a very special little guinea pig we gave him to my aunt who owns a nursing home. He was what we called a therapeutic piggie! Well he lived there for about a year and then he got into a little accident. You see, he was in a big huge cage at the lounge and the senior citizens used to come every time they could to see him and pet him and some got to play with him. One day one of the ladies that lived there took Freddie out of his cage when no one was looking and put him under her bed in her room in a shoe box. Well as you know, guinea pigs can chew through cardboard. The next day someone found him trying to get into his original cage in the lounge so they were afraid that something might of happened to him again so they gave him to a guinea pig farm. The last I've heard was that he was one of the farms top male breeding guinea pig and he was having a happy life as an old man at the farm.

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