Funny Hunny

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Hunny did some pretty funny things.

When we were watching the Olympics, we saw the hammer throw. About then we put some sweet cherries with stems by Hunny to see if she liked them to eat. But Hunny just bit the stems and threw them like the hammer throw!

Every morning we put Hunny on a cloth diaper and fed her breakfast on the table with us. She rarely stepped off the diaper, but  if she ever did we would say, "that's one tenth of a point off!" just like in the gymnastics part of the Olympics!

Sometimes when we had Hunny on the diaper, she would lay down. She'd puff out her nose and yawn. You could see her long teeth and fat pink tongue. It was really funny.

Hunny liked to keep clean. She'd lick her paw and rub it around her face and body. When she was finished, we'd call her "Puff Ball Pig" because she was all puffy.

When I went to bed Hunny would sometimes get all worked up and do a little dance in her pen. She jumped and kicked up her feet.

Hunny loved to eat. When she knew a snack was coming, but not fast enough for her, she would cry "Weeeeeeep! Weeeeeeep!"

We rolled up the end of paper lunch sacks and Hunny used them for a little home to curl up in. Sometimes she would chew a hole in the bag and peek out of it like a window.

When Hunny ate nice juicy strawberries, she would get a little red chin.

When she ate long things like fresh green beans or parsley stems, she'd start on one end and eat clear to the other without dropping it. This reminded us of a person sucking up a long spaghetti!

We liked to dress Hunny up in doll clothes, mostly just the hats. She had fancy hats, like her black velvet hat with a brim, and she had working hats, like her hardhat and her straw gardening bonnet. The best thing was her little backpack. It really opened. Mom put a tiny dictionary in it when she brought her to school one day, and she put a little Bible in it when she came to Vacation Bible School in the summers. We never dressed her in something that would hurt her, and we are sure she loved the attention!

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