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Meet the very athletic and intelligent guinea pig, Honnea, owned by 14-year-old Meg from Maine.  We think Honnea is a perfect example of how a little extra time and love spent on these precious animals can bring out the best in their natures!  Meg explains:

My family and I have always given Honnea a lot of attention.  Not too long ago I was taking her on her daily walk on her leash around the downstairs of my house when she all of a sudden ran from our kitchen through the TV room and into the living room to her cage. Since then, I have been training her.  I say "Honnea, go HOME!" and she bolts it. Then, I will say "Honnea, TABLES!" and she'll go home from the kitchen through the dining room and into the living room to her cage. I don't mean the guinea pig waddle thing, I mean a full gallop--one that I have to jog with her to keep up. This is a true story, I promise you with all my heart, I didn't make it up. She is a sweet pig and I love her dearly.

A note from Winnie, our guinea pig:  "And to think people believe we pigs just like to sit around in our cages all day!"

And note from Sylvia:  Since our dear Hunny is in Guinea Pig Heaven now, her pen-mate and friend, Winnie the Guinea Pig will be making comments from now on.  Meg continues...

After that I decided Honnea likes it better off her leash so I blocked off the doors in our kitchen, and she runs around in there. She loves it!  She has a little box to sit in and go to the bathroom in, and she goes in behind our stools and runs around as if it were a big maze!  Whenever I put her in the kitchen, she immediately runs to the refrigerator! She goes to the door and sticks her nose up. When I open the door, she runs over to where the carrots are and puts her front paws up on the bottom of the vent. I'll give her a carrot, and she runs with it to her box!!! She used to just eat it in front of the fridge, but since I always moved it, she decided not to take the time for that and just do things herself! Whenever anyone walks into the kitchen, she follows them around and sometimes even climbs onto their shoes! (That is only if she knows them well! Like me, and my mother and father) The cat, thank goodness, stays out of the kitchen when Honnea is out!

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