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We received an email from Kendra about her pig named Huey and his special friend...a duck!  We tried to email back to Kendra to get more information about her loyal little pig, but we were unable to reply to her.  Kendra's story about Huey touched our hearts, and here it is in her own words...

I brought home Huey (my first guinea pig) last spring. He was only four weeks old at the time. A few weeks later my dad made me put him outside saying it was warm enough for him. I had school until 4:00 and was not able to spend a lot of time with him. Well, as you probably know guinea pigs need a lot of love and affection, so I decided he needed a friend. One day on the way home from the park I found a lost baby duck. It was sitting up against the side of the edge of the land. It was completely covered in mud and was freezing. I brought it home and from lack of room put it with Huey. My plan was to get it dried off and warm and then take it to my grandma's farm.  Little did I know about how attached Huey and the duck would become.  Over the next week they became inseparable! Everywhere Huey went the duck went, everywhere the duck went Huey went. Every night they slept together in the food bowl.  I couldn't stand to separate them so I kept putting it off.  I put it off until Autumn came and the duck was full grown. The duck would sleep on top of the guinea pig at night to keep him warm. The duck made the same sounds that Huey made. But the time came when my dad made me take the duck to the duck pond. Huey mourned the duck's absence greatly. Every time there was a duck on TV Huey would scream and whistle. Now every week or so I have to take him to the duck pond to see his friend.  My dad finally broke down and bought another guinea pig. Well, last week we found our duck dead. I think Huey still thinks about it but he has Dewey now to help ease his pain.

A note from Hunny, our guinea pig:  "We guinea pigs are very social and like to make friends with other pets, such as cats, dogs and rabbits, but I have never heard of a guinea pig making friends with a duck!  Write to Sylvia and me if you know of a special relationship involving a guinea pig and another animal.   (You'll find our email address on the Hunny Home Page link below.)  We are very sad for Huey loosing his dear friend.  We hope he and Dewey have many happy years together!"

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