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Meet Inti, the chubby little black and white pig belonging to Dylan Ferguson. Inti lives with her cousin, Migou (on the left in the pigture), in Canada.  Inti and her cousin have been given unique names for pigs.  Dylan explains that Inti is a sun god in Peru (because guinea pigs come from Peru, not because she's round like the sun!) and Migou is the Himalayan word for Yeti, the abominable snowman.  Dylan writes about something that happened to Inti recently:

I was playing with Inti and Migou in my yard and I kicked my little orange ball (8" diameter) and Inti began to run after it!  Inti is black and white and is very chubby so she doesn't run very often, but for some reason she wanted to run after my little ball.  I tried it again and she did the same thing!  I showed it to my brother, sister, mom and dad and they were amazed!  We have no idea why she does it, but my dad thinks she might think it's another guinea pig.

A note from Hunny:  "I think your dad is right. Inti probably thinks the ball is a big fat pig! When I'm outside with my pen mate, Winnie, every time I start to run anywhere, she's right there behind me!  I believe this is how our kind travels in the wild, nose to tail in a single file, so they won't loose sight of each other. Smart pigs!"  Dylan tells us more about Inti:

One day I was letting Inti and Migou run around the house for exercise.  When it was time for lunch, I caught Migou and put her in her cage.  But I was having some difficulty with Inti.  I finally managed to corner Inti under the couch.  Then, in an attempt to escape, she ran inside a giant piece of paper rolled up into a tube.   But she was too fat and got stuck in the tube with only her big bum sticking out.   I tried to pull her out of the paper but she was wedged in too far.  I had to unravel the paper.  As I unraveled the tube, I could see Inti's bum and back legs turning around with the paper...right side up, upside down, right side up, upside was quite a funny sight, although I'm sure it wasn't very funny to Inti.   After all this commotion, Inti let me put her in her cage without any problems.

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