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We'd like you to meet Jo-Jo, a fine guinea pig belonging to pig pal Brittly, who is in the University of Akron Marching Band.   Jo-Jo has had the rare opportunity to go shopping!  Brittly explains:

One day we had a 2 hour break from marching band rehersal which was a huge surprise. I don't get much time to come home and play with Jo-Jo so I came home on the break and remembered the pet store (PetsMart) that allows you to take your pets into the store. Jo-Jo was looking at me like, "Mommy, get me outta here! We need to go for a car ride!"  So I took his special towel which I have for him to use the bathroom on just in case, grabbed the piggy and headed for the store!  I got a cart for my stuff and flipped the plastic flap that goes in front of the "real kids" leg holes so he wouldn't fall out or get hurt and put his towel down.  Then I put him in it.  I think almost everyone in the store stopped us to pet him! The people were saying things like "I've just never seen anyone bring their pig into a store!" Hehe.  Well, we walked all around the store; the air conditioning felt wonderful after a tough morning rehearsal. We walked down the piggy supply aisle and looked around.  I picked up a can of treats that look just like his and shook it.  Jo-Jo jumped right up and was on his hind legs because he thought he was getting some of them!  He knew exactly what they were!   It was kind of odd with a pig in the cart wheeking for treats in the store!   ;)

A note from Winnie, our guinea pig:  "Hats off to stores like PetsMart that let us come in to choose our own treats!  We encourage all pig owners out there to get your piggies out and about as much as possible!  There is a confusing notion in the world of humans that we are boring little critters, so until we are seen and heard, this terrible rumor will persist!"  Brittly continues with her story about Jo-Jo's shopping adventure:

Then Jo-Jo and I walked all around looking at the different animals.  I took him out and showed him the fish, the gerbils, dogs and cats.  We then came upon the lizards and he just looked at them and was like "Mommy..what ARE those things!?"  I showed him the other guinea pig that was in the store and he looked at him and the other pig looked at Jo-Jo.   They were like "'s just a pig." ;)  We had a great time at the store and can't wait to go back!

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