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Meet Milo, the happily married guinea pig belonging to Katie.  Milo is 3 years old.  He got his name from the book, The Phantom Tollbooth.  Chloe, Katie's dog, thinks Milo is her puppy!  So as you can see, Milo is very loved.  Katie tells us about a special event in his life...

Milo and Chocolate's wedding was quite a fantasy one. Milo looked handsome in his Monopoly top hat and bowtie and Chocolate was lovely in her tissue wedding veil. They were pulled down the aisle in individual boxes by me, and my brother was the pastor conducting the service. After the service, the newlyweds were taken to the Honeymoon Hotel (a Hefty bag box covered in foil and decorated with hearts.)   Unfortunately, Chocolate was being quite shy. You see, she would not let Milo into the hotel!  So Milo got his own piggy hotel.

A note from Winnie, our guinea pig:  "Poor Milo!  I'll bet this is not the first time this has happened!"  Katie continues...

After a little time together, the pigs shared a wedding cake made of carrots, pellets and cardboard tubes.  Milo and Chocolate were both happy to be married and every summer they try to spend time together for their anniversary. (But no babies have arrived.)

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