Mr. Flibbert

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Meet Mr. Flibbert, a very famous and smart pig owned by Jeanine and Chuck.  They write:

One time I had the bright idea of trying to teach Mr. Flibbert to do a trick.  I wanted him to knock over an empty pop can and then roll it with his nose, so I cut a carrot into little pieces and gave him bits every time he knocked over the can.   Unfortunately, Mr. Flibbert did not learn my trick.  What he did learn was that, if he held out long enough, he would have his carrot served to him by hand in tasty pre-cut slices!  After a few days of my "training," Mr. Flibbert would no longer eat whole carrots, and after a few more days he refused carrot pieces that were "too big."  I stopped trying to teach Mr. Flibbert a trick, since he was obviously smarter than me.

Chuck and Jeanine continue:

Poor Mr. Flibbert died several weeks ago so we are pretty sad about that but we know he had a happy life with us.  We used to let him run around loose in the house to get his exercse and he sure loved his freedom!  He was such a smart pig, he picked out places on the rug where we put towels down, and used them as his bathroom all the time.  When we got our next pig, Atlas, Flibby taught him to do the same thing--and Atlas taught finicky Flibby to eat apples and parsley and other stuff Flib wouldn't try!

We took a lot of video tape movies of Flibby while we had him, and we are putting together a TV show for our local Public Access TV station that Flib and Atlas are going to host.  It's going to be a funny show--what else could a guinea pig do??   They are the best pets in the world!

A note from Hunny: "You can check out Mr. Flibby's web page and see his TV show's title screen:"

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