Nick and Daisy

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Here is a lovely story of a guinea pig and his search for a true friend.  We thank the Fowler family of Reno, Nevada, USA who sent us this story.   Nick, Daisy, and the Fowlers also share their home with 18 finches, a sun conure, many more guinea pigs, a dog, seven cats, and a dove.  What a happy home!

We were given a little black guinea pig named Nick.   We put him with some of our other piggies only to find out he gets a little mean and can not be with any other pigs.  After having Nick in a cage alone we began feeling sorry for him.  He looked so lonely.  We decided to try something different.  We put Nick in with our little white bunny Daisy.  We saw a side of Nick we never imagined.  The two of them are inseparable.  They eat together, play together and are always close to each other.  Every evening Daisy gives Nick a bath, whether he wants it or not.  When they are tired, Nick lays across Daisy's back and they snuggle all night long.  We are so happy to know that the two lonely critters are now living happily ever after.

Maybe Daisy has taught Nick a few manners, because last time we heard from the Fowler family, Nick had become a proud papa--three times!

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