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Meet Penny, the very sweet and prompt guinea pig belonging to Melissa and her family from Little Rock, Arkansas.  Penny is dearly loved by her family and she has a special talent!  Melissa tells us about their pig:

We have had Penny for about 14 months now, and she has really become a member of the family. She travels with us in the car and she loves to be in the same room with everyone. She's just got to come in and visit when we are getting settled at night. She feels really adventurous if the closet door is left open, because she gets to explore the darkness until a noise startles her and she's back into her cage in a flash. Penny also loves to be taken out to eat grass in the yard. 

A note from Winnie, our guinea pig:  "I especially like clover and dandilion leaves, but I make sure Sylvia put me places where things haven't been sprayed!"  Melissa tells us about Penny's special talent...

Penny is a big eater and she doesn't want breakfast to be late. In fact, one morning, we overslept when the alarm didn't go off. But Penny made sure we weren't late. She squealed for her breakfast right on time, and woke us up. We love Penny!

We do too!  Pennyup.jpg (31070 bytes) Eat up, Penny!

We got a new pig, Jenny, several months ago because it seemed like Penny was lonely sometimes. We thought she might like a friend. We picked another girl, obviously, so we wouldn't wind up with a whole slew of babies. Jenny was tiny when we got her but now has grown to be almost as big as Penny. They bickered a little bit at first (never really fought) but now they get along fine. Sometimes, when something startles them, they will both crowd in the same Pigloo to hide even though we have one for each of them. It's a tight fit, but I think they feel more secure together.

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