Phil and Bob

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Meet quite a pair, Bob and Phil.  "Adventure" is their middle name, as pig pal Adele explains:

My family has had two male guinea pigs that we adopted. Bob came to live with us 4 months earlier than Phil, but Phil has always insisted that he was the first child. Bob is very sweet and kind and loves his family members completely. He sits on our laps every night and watches TV. Phil was 1 1/2 years old when he adopted us and took over our whole family from the very beginning. The first week he was with us, we lost both boys one afternoon, while they were on the kitchen floor. I was racing over the whole house in a panic, when a friend of mine yelled at me to get the camera and come to one of my son's rooms. I ran in and she was looking under the bed at my son's collection of stuffed animals. Bob and Phil had found them and were sitting on top of the pile of animals, looking at us like we were crazy. I took the picture and it is one of my favorite pictures of my boys.

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Can you find Bob and Phil?

My friend laughed at the situation and commented that Mr. Phil was an instigator and was going to get Bobbie in trouble a lot. She was right and that has been one thing about Phil's feisty personality that has made him very special. He has always whistled at us and demanded to get out of his cage, even 5 minutes after we put him back in. He loved the fact that he was considered an exotic animal, but he really thought he was a human.

Adele had some sad news to tell us...

Phil got sick last November at the animal hospital. Our family is very sad right now. It is a lot quieter at our house, which none of us likes. I know Phillip is in "guinea pig" heaven and is better off there, since he was so sick. He and my son came to my room every morning to wake me up. Phillip would get in bed and talk to me about his big plans for the day. I miss him so much! It has now been three mornings without him and I wake up crying every day. When does it get easier? After hearing about Hunny, I feel better about Phil. He is probably helping her run "guinea pig" heaven. He may be the new pig up there, but with his personality, I know he will not let her run it by herself.

We will always have happy memories of our time with Phil. It is because of Phil and Bob that we anxiously await the time when another guinea pigs finds us and wants to adopt our family.

A couple months later, we had some happy news from Adele:

We still miss Phil terribly, but our new adopted little girl, Babushka is so much like Phil. She came in and completely took over all of us. When she wheeks, we run to see what we can do to make her life easier. She pushes Bobby out of the way when she needs to, but he doesn't seem to mind. He is such a sweet-spirited little fellow. He just watches her and smiles. I think he is in love!

babushka.jpg (29127 bytes)Babushka and Bob sneaking a kiss behind Tigger!

Then came even more sad news.  Babushka went on to heaven with Phil, then most recently Adele sent us this message:

Just wanted you to know that Bobby died this morning a little after 9:30. I got back into town yesterday evening and he wasn't doing well. He perked up a bit after I got home and I fed him. He went to bed as usual. Then, something made me get up around 2:30 and bring him to bed with me. He went downhill the rest of the night. I called the doctor this morning and took him in at 9:30. I felt sure we would be putting him to sleep. I thought he had died in my arms before we left, but then heard a little noise on the way to the vet.   She checked him and we decided to put him out of his misery. Then, on his own, he left us. I know he is happily reunited with the love of his life, Babushka. Phil has probably found him too, so he should have two playmates that he knows. He was such a sweet, shy little guy, that I am glad they are there with him.

A final note:  Some more little piggies have found Adele and her family.  They have a happy home and we await lots of happy updates!

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