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What a great name for a guinea pig who loves to sniff pencils and other art supplies!  Picasso is owned by Angela, but we found out about him from pig pal Nicci, Angela's sister.  Nicci tells us about how athletic Picasso is:

Picasso really enjoys taking walks with Angela. They walk up and down our street, Picasso usually sticks to yards since the cement is hard on his small feet. Angela trots backwards and lil' Picasso runs after her with all his might. Watching him run is the cutest part, those little legs can fly when he wants them to!!

About his athleticism Angela adds...

Picasso also has found it fun to jump from my bed to my night stand and on to my dresser which are all higher than a foot.

Picasso also likes to keep in touch with friends!   Nicci explains...

Picasso was sitting with Angela one day as she was on line. Angela did a big no-no and left Picasso on the desk alone for a minute.   The little sweetie climbed onto the keyboard and began "chatting" with Angela's friends.

And Picasso also has a hobby.  Angela says he likes to twirl when she plays her music!  What a talented pig!

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