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Meet "Pig" the very good mother guinea pig owned by 14-year-old Michelle from near Cleveland, Ohio.  Pig must be very beautiful, since she looks very much like Hunny!  Michelle writes:

I think you are right, Sylvia, people don't know what great pets guinea pigs really are.  My friends don't quite share my interest in guinea pigs and I think they get bored when I talk about my babies all the time!

A note from Hunny:  "Imagine that!  Just think what they are missing."  Michelle writes:

It took me too long to give my guinea pig a name so she is just called "Pig."  Around Easter this year my little brother decided he would like to have a guinea pig so we brought Pig into the pet store to make sure we got another girl pig.  He picked out a black pig and named it "Inky."  The pet store assured us we had two female pigs, but that wasn't the case.  We started noticing that Pig was getting fatter and my mom and I thought that she was just eating all of the food because she thought Inky would eat all of it.  Well, soon we started thinking she was pregnant, so I went to the library and started to research pregnant guinea pigs.  To my horror I read that female guinea pigs over 7 months old shouldn't have their first litter.  They will have a difficult time and both the mother and babies could possibly die!  I called up the local vet.

Another note from Hunny:  "Michelle is a very responsible guinea pig owner.  She read all she could about us and called for help when Pig needed it."   Michelle continues the story of Pig...

The vet told me Pig could have a cesarean (where the vet would do surgery and take the babies out) so I made an appointment the next day.  The vet took x-rays of Pig and we could see four little babies inside!  She did the surgery and everything went great.  I was so happy.  I scared my mom a little when I told her we were coming home with FIVE guinea pigs!

Still another note from Hunny:  "Pig's story is proof that pet store workers should make sure they know all about us pigs, especially how to tell the boys from the girls.  Sylvia and her family once saw a guinea pig at the pet store that was very much pregnant and in distress.  They went back later to visit the babies, but sadly found out that the mom and babies had all died.  For shame!   Pet stores should take more care to see their animals are not harmed in any way.   I would hope they expect the same from the pet owners."  Michelle continues...

My mom wrote a letter to the pet store that told us Inky was a girl and they agreed to pay for Pig's surgery.  This made me very happy!  I have found good homes for the babies and I have kept one myself and named it "Baby."

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