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Here's proof that guinea pigs are special animals!  Click on the guinea pig names below to read about some of our special friends.  These are all real stories!

Little Pig Tales is the place to go for little stories.

Little Musical Pigs is the place for little stories about pigs who enjoy music.

Scottie really loves cucumbers!

Tweed and Booboo are two special guinea pigs!

Patches was a very GRAND guinea pig who ate at a restaurant!

Phil and Bob are adventurous!

Beaver is a pig with a nice hairdo.

Tigger was the perfect pig friend.

Picasso is an athletic pig.

Cadbury likes to go swimming!

Penny doesn't want breakfast to be late.

Milo got married.

Honnea can bolt it!

Oliver went to college.

Gushita lives in Argentina.

Jo-Jo likes to go shopping!

Nick loves Daisy...the bunny!

Guinness is quite a frisky pig!

S'mores is the one-eyed wonder

Freddie was therapeutic.

Sweeny has a happy story to tell.

Did I hear guinea pigs? Wheep!

Buddy makes valentines.

Mr. Piggies licks toes!

Sinbad was ornery.

Mr. Flibbert had his own TV show.

Chestnut won a ribbon, then ate it!

Inti got stuck.

Huey made friends with a duck.

Pig was a good mother.

Los Cobayos don't want to be invited to dinner.


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