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We recieved this message from Pig Pal Betsy.  Thank you, Betsy!

I have four pigs, but the most animated of the four is Scott. He's the brown two-year-old Abby in the pigture, and he's a very big pig (almost 4 pounds of pig!)    He likes to talk on the phone;  if I have him either on my tummy, or if I'm holding him, he struggles and squirms his way between my mouth and the phone, then he starts to squeak very loudly into the phone. If you try and pull him away, he squeals!! 

Scott is also very pushy when it comes to cucumbers, and even crawled across the table and through an empty casserole bowl to get to where I was peeling cucumbers. He lives him my room, which is down the hall from the kitchen, and he will smell the cucumber if you slice one up.  He'll squeak and squeak and squeak until you give him one!  And when you hand it to him, he comes right up to the door and tears it out of your hand and then shakes it about as if to say "Ha ha! You're mine now, cucumber!"

When Scott was living with his girlie, Piglette, she tried to steal a carrot from him once, and he took it back then hit her on the head with it!   It was kinda funny really.  I have to say they are the best pets I've ever owned, each one is so different from other.  A lot of people don't think rodents have feelings or attatch themselves to people, but they do. Scott knows when it's me, and when it's not me. When I had my boyfriend's parents watch my pigs while I went on vacation, Scottie wouldn't come over and let them pet him, but when I came to pick him up he rushed to the door to see me and purred when I pet him. Guinea pigs are such wonderful little furry angels. Each one is unique and quirky in their own right!

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