Our pig pal Jamie this inspiring story to us recently.  S'mores is a very brave pig and we think you will agree after you read his story...

I think my guinea pig, S'mores, should be given an award for bravery or at least acknowledged for her bravery. A couple of months ago, S'mores lost her left eye to a nasty infection. For 48 hours, she dealt with severe trauma due to an open eye wound because she could not be operated on immediately. She went through surgery that kept me worried the entire time. Much to our delight, she made it through with flying colors. It took a long time adjusting to her new vision but she handled it like a pro. It was obviously difficult for her to get adapted at first (eating her pelleted food was difficult so she could only munch on leafy vegetables, being able to see with one eye payed a toll on her balance, and she was very jumpy) but she wouldn't stop trying and wheeked to let us know that she loves us. With a lot of love, care, and cuddling ... she is 100% okay ... I don't know how many other animals can endure what she went through ... perhaps this is why we call her the "One Eyed Wonder".

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