We are pleased to bring to you Sweeny's story from our pig pal, Debbie.  His story has a happy ending, which we hope is the same for every pig.

About a year ago I heard about a black guinea pig called Sweeny who had been passed from home to home as his owners often lost interest in caring for him.  He had lived his whole life (4 years) in a very small run with wooden sides and green garden mesh over the top all by himself.  He never got to see any sunlight only through looking up through the green mesh.  He had also been alone for the whole time and often just sat in his hutch not even attempting to go in his run.

I was very saddened to hear of his plight and got the opportunity to look after him one Christmastime when his current owners went on holiday.  I transferred him to a huge empty bird aviary with plenty of fresh grass and air and space to run.  He was timid at first after being locked away so long. Gradually his whole personaltiy changed and he was happy and free.  I decided there and then I would tell his owners that I would like to keep him as he was so much happier in the aviary.  His owners did agree eventually when they saw it was best for him. 

My next step was to go to the local petshop and find him a mate.  I picked a young baby male called 'Buffy" who was black apart from a crown of white on his head. At first Sweeny got a little annoyed when Buffy constantly followed him everywhere because he was a baby.  Over the last year they are the best of mates and very happy together.   I know male guinea pigs are often compatible together but in this case it is a very very happy ending indeed.  They are both extremely healthy and have beautiful glossy coats and have plenty of fresh grass.

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