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We finally were able after a time to fill the empty spot in our hearts that had been lovingly occupied by Hunny.  One weekend in February, we attended our first Cavy Show and brought back two teddy sows, one just over a month old, the other two months.  We named them Thistle and Bramble.  We were afraid that Winnie, our 3 1/2 year old sow would not be too pleased that we had some new roommates for her.   But Winnie quickly adopted the girls as her own.  We were so proud of her.   Winnie has since gone on to guinea pig heaven, but the girls are better pigs for having known her!

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Dundee, our West Highland White Terrier, welcomed the girls also, but his welcomes are very overpowering, so I'm afraid they stayed in the box for a while.

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Dundee waited very patiently.

The girls are now used to him and think he's a big fluffy guinea pig that eats dog food.

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The girls live together in one hutch inside, then on lovely days we take them outside where they spend the day under a little trampoline in the back yard. It's shady, and at first had no walls, so we had to trust them to stay put. They did for the most part, but occasionally we'd see them dash out and back under again.  Thistle has begun venturing out into the flower bed and under the big pine tree.  We had had to really search hard for her when it was time to come back in again. Dundee helped us find her.  Once Thistle brought Bramble along with her!   So now, dad got some wire fencing that he fashioned into a circle and encloses the trampoline.  They have to stay put now!  They really have a good life.


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Sylvia and Bramble

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Mom (De Anna) and Thistle

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Sharing a grape.

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All grown up.

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Kellam, Mom (De Anna), the girls, and Dundee.

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