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We went to our first cavy show in the autumn of 1998.  We already had 3 pigs, and just wanted to look. We figured that the pigs that the breeders would be selling would be too expensive.   Then we found that not only were they not that expensive, but they were different from our American short-haired pigs! I had never seen a teddy before, and I fell in love with the fuzzy little things! So we looked around for somone offering a teddy, and found Blackie and Tweed (not their names at the time!)  While deciding between the two, Tweed bit my boyfriend Tighe, so he considered her immediately out of the running.   But I thought she was just the greatest pig.  I loved her grey color (she is a silver agouti) and she had spice, verve, attitude!  I felt we had connected on some level, she was like my familiar, she was grumpy and crabby and just needed someone to love and understand her...she was just like me!!  So of course we ended up getting both teddies. 

 Tweed didn't get along with any guinea pigs, although she put up with our Griff long enough to have a litter.  She is a great mama, and a great friend to me.  She always says hello to me and leans out of her cage for a carrot.  I have to chastize her when she fights with other pigs during floortime, but she still is the most personable guinea pig.  She just knows what she wants!  She likes to sit in her "traveling cage" (a plastic shoebox set up with bedding and snacks) and watch TV with us.  She is the most adventurous guinea pig during floor-time too. I will never stop reminding Tighe about how he didn't want to get her, because of course he sees now that she is a wonderful pet.

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Booboo is my Peruvian guinea pig, he is black and white. He is actually named "Booboo Jr." and is named after my parent's lhasa apso dog Booboo, also long haired and black and white.   Booboo loves to be petted under his chin, which I call "chin chucks".   He sticks his nose up in the air when I do this.  One day I woke up and went into to check on my guinea pigs.  They of course started squeaking immediately for breakfast, and I heard some squeaking that sounded strangely disconnected from where my pigs are caged.  I checked them all and saw that Booboo was not in his cage.   (At the time I was moving pigs around and he was temporarily housed in a laundry basket.)  He had chewed through the vinyl and walked out.  I thought it was so funny that even though he was hiding under the guest bed, he still squeaked for his breakfast.  I tried everything to get him back, because as you may know, even if your guinea pigs love you, they still have that instinct to hide.  I was getting very upset and worried, offering him food would make him poke his head out and grab the food and run back under.  I finally took Tweed and used her as bait to lure him out.  It worked like a charm, although I felt AWFUL for using the young lady and teasing Booboo.  I gave him lots of chin chucks to make up for it.

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