Did I hear guinea pigs?

mockingbirds.jpg (35381 bytes)

Thanks to our pig pal Fran for sending in this interesting twist of a pig story to us!

Barbara and Paul breed Himmy and Dalmatian guinea pigs. They have several piggies and have a special room in their house just for the piggies. Naturally, at lettuce time, you can imagine the decibel level of the wheeping that goes on. One day, Barbara came home and went inside and immediately very vocal wheeping began. She went into the guinea pig room but was mystified to see that they were all being quiet. The wheeping, however, continued and it was coming from outside! She ran outside and guess what she discovered! No, not a basket of homeless guinea pigs.... Instead, she discovered that the local mocking birds had heard the piggies wheep so many times, they had started to imitate them!

Now we know the truth. Guinea pigs are for the birds!

Tweet!  I mean...wheepface.jpg (3177 bytes)...wheep!

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