Little Christian Readers at Home

Here are some tips for quality learning:


1. Before you read, discuss the book together, looking at the pictures as you use the words from the text.

2. Read the book out loud to your child, following the text with your finger as you read.

3. Talk about words that repeat, words that rhyme, beginning and ending sounds of words. 

4. Have your child try to read the book back to you using the pictures as clues.  Donít rush to say a word, but help with sounding through hard words.  Use praise!

5. Read the devotion on the inside front cover to talk more about the book and how it relates to your home life.  Let your child watch you looking up and reading the verse in your Bible.  Share your faith!

6. Visit to hear the Little Spiritual Series books. Try singing the book instead of reading it.

7. Get out those crayons.  The Little Christian Readers beg to be colored!  Make another copy and keep it in the car or purse for on-the-go reading.

8. Donít forget the worksheet included in the cover PDF.  Little ones love do their own homework!

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