Little Christian Readers Printing and Assembly Instructions

Little Christian Readers are easy to print and assemble from two PDF files.
You will be printing the front and back of one sheet of paper for each file.

Instructions for printers without the option of printing both sides of the paper:

  1. Click Text under the title you'd like to print. This will open the pdf file of the inside text pages of the book.  Click the printer icon.  A pdf printer box will open.
  2. Choose your printer from the drop-down menu in the new box.
  3. Make sure only one sheet of good quality paper is in your printer at a time.  You will be printing the front and back of one sheet of paper for the inside text, and later the front and back of one sheet of heaver cardstock for the cover.  Each Little Christian Reader book takes only two sheets of paper!
  4. Click "ok" to print one side, then keeping the printed sheet with the words facing you, rotate it 180 degrees and re-feed it into the printer.  The other side will print on the back of the sheet of paper.
  5. Cut on the dotted line and fold each section on the solid line.  The pages of the text are numbered.  Nestle the folded pages 4 and 5 into pages 2 and 7.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the Cover under the same book title.  For best results, use cardstock for the cover pdf.  The top half of the printed sheet is the outside cover of your book, the bottom half is the extra worksheet .  Cut on the dotted lines, fold on the solid line of the cover only.  Nestle the text pages inside the cover with the title on the front.  Staple your new book close to the edge and enjoy!

To make multiple copies, either repeat the steps above for each book
or print each file and make more copies using the double-sided function on a copy machine.
The cover should be printed in color for best results.

Instructions for printers with the option of printing both sides of a sheet of paper:

Use good quality paper for the text pdf file, and for best results, use heavier cardstock when printing the cover pdf file.  Follow steps one and two above.  You will need to click the "Properties" button in the pop-up printer box.  Then choose "Duplex" printing.  This will print both sides of the paper.  Sometimes there is a "Print on both sides of paper" option.  Choose "flip on long edge."  Please make sure under "Page scaling" the choice "none" is made.  Follow steps 5 and 6 above to assemble your book.

If this doesn't work, play around with it!  All printers are different, just make sure you print the front and back of one sheet of paper for the text pdf file, and the front and back of one sheet of cardstock for the cover pdf file.

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