Little Christian Readers at School

Tips for quality, faith-based learning in the classroom:

Get ready:  Print one book for each of your students.  The cover PDF file for each title not only includes a cover for the book, but also a corresponding worksheet.  The text PDF file contains the inside text of the book.  You will need two sheets of paper for each book.

Get set:
  Use the “Read this with me” devotion during Circle Time.  Share your faith!  Look up the Bible verse in front of your children and read the verse out loud.  Read the book to the class, taking time to ask the Thinking Time questions.  Praise those answers!  End Circle Time with the prayer on the back cover—“And all God’s children say...Amen!”

  Read with each child one-on-one during Center Time.  Read the book out loud, pointing at the words as you go.  Have the child try reading it back to you.  Your student can now work on the activity or worksheet with you nearby for assistance.  Little Christian Readers can be colored too!

Finish line!
  When you are finished with a title, send the books and worksheets home.  Not only will your students show off their new reading skills, but in turn their parents will see the quality Christian education their children are receiving at your preschool.

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