Little Follower Series

Faith-based predictable readers
Click both "text" (the inside pages) and "cover & worksheet" under each title to download, view, and print each book.
Little Follower Series titles:

I Am
Being a good friend/Golden Rule
Self-awareness, opposites
Cover & worksheet

I Can See
God sees our heart
Counting, matching, writing name
Cover & worksheet

We Give
Giving of ourselves
"g" fill-in-the-blank
Cover & worksheet

Do You Sing?
Being God's child
writing name practice 
Cover & worksheet

We can talk to God anytime
"p" and "g" letter sounds
Cover & worksheet

Please follow these printing and assembly instructions!

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Little Christian Readers are copyrighted by De Anna Spencer and are available for use in the Christian home or preschool. You may print as many copies as needed for your classroom or home use. You may link to this website with permission, but you do not have the right to have these books/pdf files or images available on any other website.

 May God bless you and your work with your child.

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