Little Christian Readers 

Here you will find printable beginner books for Christian preschools and homes.
Each little 8-page book includes a worksheet;  you print both using only two sheets of paper.
Each book also includes a devotion, child's prayer, Bible verse to look up, questions and activity.
Affordable, sweet, faith-based materials.  The search is over!
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Little Follower Series
Introduce your child to the wonderful world of
reading using stories with predictable texts.

Little Spiritual Series
Help your child learn to read using 
familiar songs with repetitive texts.

Little Numbers Series
Teach your child 1 through 10
in a fun, faith-based way.

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Little Christian Reader materials

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Teachers!  Click here for tips to use Little Christian Readers in the faith-based preschool or kindergarten classroom.

Parents and loved ones!   Click here for tips to use Little Christian Readers in your home.

Here is how to print and assemble your Little Christian Readers.

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Little Christian Readers are copyrighted by De Anna Spencer and are available for use in the Christian home or preschool. You may print as many copies as needed for your classroom or home use. You may link to this website with permission, but you do not have the right to have these books/pdf files or images available on any other website.

A special thanks to designer Sylvia Jo Smith for the Little Christian Readers puppy logo and banners!

Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books
Little Christian Readers highly recommends the reading instruction manual:
Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books
"Combining story reading, phonics, and writing to promote reading success"
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