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Hunny was our guinea pig. We don't think enough people know what wonderful pets guinea pigs are. That's why we are doing this page. We like to say Hunny came to us "prepackaged" because a month after she came Hunny had two babies! We named them Eeyore and Piglet. We found wonderful homes for them since they were both boys and we couldn't keep them.

Hunny has gone on to Guinea Pig Heaven.  We imagine her with little wings, happily flying all around and eating treats anytime she pleases. We loved Hunny.  We hope you have a guinea pig to love too.  Click on Pig Stories to read true stories about guinea pigs we have met through our web page.  You'll be amazed!

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Being a Responsible Guinea Pig Owner

More Information About Guinea Pigs

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Good Books to Read About Guinea Pigs

How to Draw Your Guinea Pig

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our Teddy guinea pigs.

Feed your guinea pig
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